The Mobile Site Has Arrived!

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Dear friends,

Over the past few months we have received lots of emails from Catholic Catalogue readers requesting a mobile site, and the mobile site has arrived! As my two year old likes to say, “Ta Da!”

We have made a conscious decision to keep our site ad-free. And yet, The Catholic Catalogue takes hundreds of hours a month to research write and illustrate and thousands of dollars a year to sustain. (The mobile site programming and design cost $650. The main site programming, design and domains cost over $3000.) Loving is donating. If you’ve discovered something new or worthwhile on The Catholic Catalogue or simply want to support our work of spreading The Good News please consider making a small one-time donation of $5 or more today. Even better, become a subscriber for as little as $3 a month. If all of our readers donated a few bucks we would be able to break even and keep going, and our illustrated book about Catholic practice and culture from birth to death, The Catholic Catalogue, would be that much closer to becoming a reality. Thanks so much for your support and for telling your friends about TCC!

Anna, Melissa, and Chau