Thank You Pope Francis & Pope Francis Made Me Better Appreciate My Sikh Faith

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Pope Francis at multi religious gathering

Thank you Pope Francis for visiting the United States. Thank you for embodying the joy of the Gospel. Thank you for challenging us to “put ourselves out” for God, neighbor, and Creation. Thank you for saying “I love you” to American sisters. Thank you for teaching the world about Catholic Social Teaching and for speaking about: a consistent ethic of life from conception to natural death, immigration reform, the need to welcome refugees, religious liberty, nonviolence, the environment, climate change, the need to abolish the death penalty, prisoners, the universal call to holiness, the poor, Thomas Merton, Dorothy Day, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. and so much more. Thank you for blessing children and the disabled and for encouraging us to come together for the common good, despite the difficulty. Thank you for speaking about the importance of marriage and family. Thank you for meeting with victims of clergy sex abuse. Thank you for praying with members of various faiths for peace at the 9/11 memorial. Thank you for saying Mass on TV. Thank you for visiting Catholic school children in Harlem, prisoners in Philly, and the homeless in DC, and for speaking before Congress and the UN. Thank you for helping us to open our hearts to the revolution of tenderness, and Christ our Lord. One of the religious leaders who shared the stage with Francis at the multi-faith prayer for peace service shares what he learned: Pope Francis Made Me Better Appreciate My Sikh Faith

Watch video from the service here:

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