TCC Reads: The Family of Man

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Edward Steichen photo

We recommend The Family of Man, a collection of Edward Steichen’s photographs from around the world. Hailed as the most successful and inspiring exhibition of photography ever assembled, The Family of Man opened at The Museum of Modern Art in 1955. All of the 503 images from the show are in the book. Steichen described them as “photographs, made in all parts of the world, of the gamut of life from birth to death with emphasis on daily relationships . . . photographs of lovers and marriage and child-bearing, of the family unit with its joys, trials and tribulations . . . Photographs concerned with man’s dreams and aspirations and photographs of the flaming creative forces of love and truth and the corrosive evil inherent in the lie.” The beautiful images in The Family of Man are interspersed with quotes and bits of wisdom from around the world, like this one  from William Blake, “For Mercy has a human heart, Pity a human face.”