TCC Reads: Luke for Everyone by N.T. Wright

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Old books

Catholics are often criticized for not reading The Bible. Of course, many Catholics do study The Bible, and those who attend Mass weekly hear the entire Bible read aloud every three years. Still, many Catholics feel understandably intimidated at the thought of just picking up a Bible and starting on page one. For one thing, The Bible isn’t just a book, it’s an entire library. For another, the scriptures make reference to people and events thousands of years in the past, and without a little context can be difficult to understand. In 1943 Pope Pius XII issued an encyclical, Divino Afflante Spirituurging Catholics to study Scripture, but this doesn’t have to mean simply picking up a Bible and beginning with “in the beginning”. It can be helpful to have a teacher, a good commentary or guide. In this vein we recommend reading the gospels with one of N.T. Wright’s books on hand. Wright is an Anglican Bishop and leading New Testament scholar. He has written a series of excellent and highly readable commentaries on scripture aimed at ordinary people. He includes his own translation of each passage followed by a discussion. A great series for group study or personal reference, we recommend beginning with one of the Gospels: Matthew for Everyone, Mark for Everyone, Luke for Everyone, or John for Everyone. Pick a Gospel and one of these guide books and read them together. Or buy the whole series and reference them as you meditate upon the readings of the day.