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Surrogate mothers

Listen to this Radiolab story about the economically disadvantaged surrogates in India, and egg donors in Europe, used by same sex couples in Israel to produce children via IVF. This is a story about capitalism. Everything is now for sale, even wombs and offspring. The interviewers ask difficult questions, but they never speak to the children or “products of conception” about how they feel about the circumstances surrounding their conception and birth. How would it feel to never be allowed to know anything about your biological mother or family? How would it feel to know that your birth mother had been picked based on her height and the fact that she was white? How would it feel to know that the woman who carried you for nine months and gave birth to you trained herself to feel indifferent towards you? The Church forbids Catholics from using surrogacy and IVF, in part, because they may contribute to the commodification and exploitation of the human person. Listen to the story here: