TCC Playlist: Welcome Back by Mase

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In 1999 at the height of his fame, the rapper formerly known as Murder Mase, left the music business for personal and spiritual reasons. He went on to become a Christian minister. Mase said, “I left because I had to get my mind right. I wasn’t mentally ready to deal with how hip-hop was, and the role I played in hip-hop. I had to do it for me and for the sake of my spirituality.” After five years he made his comeback with the song, “Welcome Back.”  He said, “Now I can handle it. It won’t control me; I control it. Before, I wasn’t ready. Even [after] three years away, I wasn’t ready to take this stand.” Mase sings on his comeback, “I’m just a bad boy gone clean.” A happy track for you weekend. Hear it and watch the video after the jump: