TCC Playlist: The Transfiguration by Sufjan Stevens

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Anyone who has ever seen Sufjan Stevens perform live knows that he plays upwards of a dozen instruments, loves to experiment with different styles of music, and doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously. He may also be indie-rock’s most eligible Anglo-Catholic bachelor. He said in an interview with Quietus, “I think the Good News is about grace and hope and love and a relinquishing of self to God. And I think the Good News of salvation is kind of relevant to everyone and everything . . . The basis of Christianity? It’s really a meal, it’s communion right? It’s the Eucharist. That’s it, it’s the sharing a meal with your neighbours and what is that meal? It’s the body and blood of Christ. Basically God offering himself up to you as nutrition. Haha, that’s pretty weird. It’s pretty weird if you think about that, but that’s the basis.” We recommend the album “Seven Swans” and the song “The Transfiguration” which seems appropriate given today’s feast. Listen to it here: