TCC Playlist: The Ghost of Rockschool by Belle and Sebastian

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“I didn’t see any other hipsters or punks at church.”

We’re fans of the indie-pop band Belle and Sebastian from Glasgow, Scotland. Lead singer Stuart Murdock writes great pop songs and doesn’t shy away from exploring religious themes in his songwriting. Murdoch spoke about his Christian faith on NPR, “I was a young and fairly hip 19- or 20-year-old punk . . . knocking about Glasgow, but I went to church. And this was quite an unusual thing. I didn’t see any other hipsters or punks at church.” When asked about songs that explicitly acknowledge his faith he said, “If you have a thing in your life which is quite obviously the biggest thing that’s happening, you can’t stop thinking about it . . . I want to talk about the things that I’m feeling, and if I have a force working inside of me, and it’s something I think about on an hourly basis, then that’s what I’m going to write about.” Listen to the track “The Ghost of Rockschool” in which Murdoch sings, “I’ve seen God in the sun, I’ve seen God in the street, God before bed and the promise of sleep” here: