TCC Playlist: New Friend Jesus by Craig Finn

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Craig Finn, the frontman for the band The Hold Steady, was raised Catholic, and religion frequently shows up in his songs. He told Slate in 2011, “Well, I think faith is just an interesting topic, and it’s something that I quite honestly struggle with. But I always find, however much I believe about the Catholic Church — and I have some major problems with it — I always find that going to church is a very peaceful and a really nice time for me. Sitting through mass, and sitting in mass. You know, the thought of forgiveness, redemption— those are things that hold an awful lot of beauty for me, and really relate to our lives, no matter who we are.” We recommend the track, “New Friend Jesus” from his 2012 album “Clear Eyes Full Hearts” (the title of the album comes from Friday Night Lights). Listen here: