TCC Playlist: Give Me Jesus by Sara Watkins

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Sara Watkins

We first heard Sara Watkins when she was a fiddler with the platinum selling bluegrass group Nickel Creek. She sings, write songs, plays ukulele and guitar and even played the drums while touring with The Decemberists. She’s now a solo artist on Nonesuch. She’s said of her faith, “My musical life is just part of my life, so it plays the same role as it does in every other part. I try to stay as aware of my faith when I’m touring as when I’m at home.  At home it’s more consistent and you can figure things out a bit easier. You try being aware of your faith at all times.” This is a good one to sing with others because you can easily cue the verses: “When I rise. I heard my mother say. Dark midnight was my cry. And when I come to die.” The best part of my Christmas was singing carols and hymns like this one morning with my family in my sister’s living room. Listen here: