TCC Playlist: Fight to Keep by Run River North

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Run River North

 “You spoke of love, O you sang of grace.”

The musical group, Run River North is made up of marathon runners, classically trained violinists, and a former bonds trader.  They can sometimes be found using a small Honda as a recording studio.

The band mates are all children of immigrants and much of their music references their shared experiences.  In an interview with Here & Now, band member Alex Hwang shares about his parents, “sometimes they failed, sometimes they succeeded, and they’re just as human as anyone else.”

What makes their music most attractive is its insight into the human experience. Their thoughtful lyrics reference the stuff that makes up life: the battles people face, the challenge to live in the light, and the intricacies of relationships.

We recommend their track “Fight to Keep.” The song acknowledges that keeping the faith can be a fight. Hopefully it will encourage you to keep looking for God when life weighs you down.

– Beth Kelleher