TCC Films: The Damned United

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The Damned United

The Damned United stars Michael Sheen as Brian Clough, the legendary British soccer coach who led the underdog Derby County team to soccer glory, and went on to become the manager of his hated rival Leeds United. Even as their manager, Clough hated Leeds. He thought the teams’ players were hooligans who had not earned their titles fairly. He even thought certain players were deliberately losing matches in order to spite him. So Clough doesn’t get off to a good start as the manager of Leeds, but things really fall apart when he insults his dear friend and faithful assistant Peter Taylor, played by Timothy Spall. Losing this friendship is the start of his undoing and his reign as coach of Leeds lasts only 44 days. Even if you don’t like sports movies generally, you will love The Damned United, which transcends sports movie cliches, and is as much about failure as success. In the end, if Sheen is to succeed as he once did, he will have to patch things up with Taylor and go back to his roots. This is a fun and entertaining film about the importance of friendship and learning from mistakes. The film is Rated R only because of the language.