TCC Films: Sully

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Sully (directed by Clint Eastwood, and starring Tom Hanks) tells the story of Chelsea “Sully” Sullenberger, who lost both engines to bird strike shortly after take off in January 2009, and successfully landed his plane on the Hudson river. At first, I was reluctant to watch this film because, like everyone else in America, I already knew how the story ended. But I’m glad I changed my mind and gave it a chance.

Clint Eastwood makes movies about heroes, but this film is somewhat unique in that it focuses on the ordinary heroism of people doing their jobs. Usually doing your job well doesn’t garner much attention, so it was kind of cool to spend an hour or two thinking about the everyday heroics of pilots, bus drivers, ferry boat captains, scuba cops, flight attendants, ambulance drivers, first responders, and others who take what they do seriously, and glorify God by their work. Sometimes we pray with our lives. This film made me value the people whose service and stories are so often invisible to me. “What you did to the least person, you did to me.” It’s a satisfying storytelling.

Wacth the trailer here: