TCC Films: Still Mine

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Still Mine

The recently released Canadian film, Still Mine, is based on the true story of 87 year old Craig Morrison (played by James Cromwell). Morrison was a rural farmer in Canada who had to battle government bureaucrats for the right to build a home on his own land for his ailing wife Irene (played by Genevieve Bujold).

When their existing home is no longer safe for Irene to live in, her husband sets out to give her one last gift, a place to spend her final days, built with his own two hands. The film is slow and sweet and worth watching.  The Morrison’s, though not religious, seem to embody many of the ideals of Catholic Social Teaching. Their family farm, for example, exemplifies distributist principles.

It’s unusual to watch a romantic drama about a happily married elderly couple. The Morrison’s once raised seven children and are still in love. We live in age that tends to fear longterm commitments and self-sacrifice, what Pope Francis has called, “a culture of the temporary.” We fear taking vows of stability. Still Mine provides a glimpse into a different kind of life, a life of rootedness and responsibility, out of which a certain kind of greatness and a great deal of beauty can be born. There’s a tremendous amount of suffering, of course, but it seems worth it, in the end. Watch the trailer here: