TCC Films: Moonstruck

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Have a soft spot for romantic comedies? So do we. We recommend the 1987 film Moonstruck starring Cher as Loretta and Nicolas Cage as Ronny. Loretta and Ronny are two broken and repressed people who have given up on love in midlife. That is, of course, until they fall in love with each other. Set in Brooklyn’s Italian American community, Cher plays a 40 something woman, who is about to marry a man she does not love (Johnny), just to finally have someone. But her plan falls apart when she meets her fiance’s younger brother Ronny, an angry baker and opera aficionado, played with hilarious intensity by Cage, and falls head over heels in love with him. Despite it’s lighthearted silliness, Moonstruck is, in some ways, a deeply Catholic film. There’s sin, Loretta’s father is having an affair, and Loretta and Ronny are sneaking around behind his brother Johnny’s back, but by the end of the movie everyone has come clean, admitted their wrongdoings, and tried to make things right. If you’re in the mood, it’s worth watching. The film is rated PG. Watch the trailer here: