TCC Films: Les Miserables

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Les Mis

The film version of Les Miserables has a few weak spots, Russel Crowe’s voice comes to mind, but Victor Hugo’s story is epic and will break your heart, and director Tom Hooper (“The King’s Speech”) does a masterful job.  Les Mis is the story of Jean Valjean, a cruelly abused prisoner who becomes a new man after being treated with mercy and kindness by a bishop. After this experience, Valjean goes about extending grace and mercy to others and doing good in a fallen world. Les Mis is profoundly Catholic film, about the dignity of the human person, and the possibility of redemption. When Valjean dies, the poor woman he was kind to who has passed away, Fantine, appears and leads him into heaven, and we hear the words, “to love another person is to see the face of God.”