TCC Films: Lars and the Real Girl

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Lars and the Real Girl, starring Ryan Gosling, is a comedy about a young man named Lars who finds it difficult to interact with family, co-workers, and friends at church until he makes up a girlfriend, Bianca, a nurse and missionary, who is really a doll ordered from an adult website. At the urging of his psychologist, Lar’s family and church community, surround him with love and treat his delusion, Bianca, as if she were real, until Lars is ready to let go of his crutch and come to terms with his issues.  This is a sweet movie about the lengths families and communities go to be there for one another. Roger Ebert described it this way, “The film wisely never goes for even one moment that could be interpreted as smutty or mocking. There are so many ways [it] could have gone wrong that one of the film’s fascinations is how adroitly it sidesteps them. Its weapon is absolute sincerity. It has a kind of purity to it.” We couldn’t agree more.