TCC Films: Infinitely Polar Bear

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Infinitely Polar Bear

In the film, Infinitely Polar Bear, writer-director Maya Forbes’ tells the story of her 1970s childhood. She was raised by her bipolar father Cam (played by Mark Ruffalo), who because of his mental illness could never hold down a job. Cam takes over raising his daughters full time so that his wife Maggie (played by Zoe Saldana) can go to graduate school and provide for the family. Despite her father’s terrible illness and the hardship and stress it caused her growing up, the film is a clearly a love letter to Forbes’ parents.  Cam is by no means a perfect father, he curses and drinks, and lives in squalor. And yet, he and Maggie love their kids fiercely. In a world which tells us that only people with perfect relationships, homes, and jobs, should have children Infinitely Polar Bear is a reminder that kids are often heroic themselves, and that more than anything they just want there parents to be there, and to love them and one another. The film is rated R for language. Watch the trailer here: