TCC Films: Gravity

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The 3-D thriller Gravity, stars Sandra Bullock as Dr. Ryan Stone, a scientist sent into outer space to fix a faulty telescope. She and co-star George Clooney (Mission Commander Matt Cowalski) are framed in contrast to the verdant earth on one side, and the endless night of the galaxy, on the other. The visuals are stunning. Audiences meets Dr. Stone queasily floating through space, constricted by her spacesuit. Of course, this is no ordinary mission, everything imaginable goes wrong, and not everyone survives. There’s a blizzard of shrapnel. Communications are lost. Dr. Stone is seen hurtling alone through space in only her spacesuit. She runs out of oxygen. She runs out of fuel. Fires break out. It’s terrifying and fascinating watching her navigate every catastrophe. The acting and special effects are superb, but this is also a spiritually edifying film.  Bullock’s character says at one point, “No one will mourn for me . . . No one will pray for my soul. I’ve never prayed . . . Nobody ever taught me how.” Facing the prospect of her own death Dr. Stone’s asks herself the big questions, the questions we all must ask, about what life is ultimately about. Watch it this weekend. PG-13.