TCC Films: 5 Films for the Whole Family

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kid on a bike

Sometimes finding a movie that you feel good about watching with your children can be tough. The Catholic Catalogue is here to help. Our intern, Beth Kelleher, recommends five films that will entertain and delight your entire family, even the 4-10 year old set. All of these films were given the thumbs up for general audiences by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. There may be a few intense or scary moments, in which small children may want to leave the room with an adult for a moment. Otherwise, enjoy.

1) The Fantastic Mr. Fox (Don’t you love Wes Anderson?)

The Fantastic Mr. Fox



2) Ratatouille




3) Babe




4) Up


5) Charlotte’s Web (sometimes older movies are still the best)

Charlotte's Web