TCC Radio: Nick Herrera Carves Saints in Modern Clothing

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Nick Hererra folk art
After a near death experience, the New Mexican artist, Nicholas Herrera knew he wanted to make religious art. He is a santero or “saint maker,” and he often carves saints in modern dress. Listen to the story from NPR here and see more of his art after the jump:

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TCC Playlist: Hymn to St. Joseph by The Benedictines of Mary

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wooden sculpture by Andrew Tirado The sculpture above, “Paired Hands” is by the artist Andrew Ramiro Tirado. Today is the Feast of St. Joseph, husband of Mary, the Mother of God. Joseph was a woodworker, and we honor him for his role in the Holy Family and in the life of Jesus. Learn all about how to celebrate St. Joseph’s day in our new book. Listen to the hymn & more after the jump:

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Misc: Inmates With Woodworking Skills Make Chair for Pope Francis’ Visit

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Philly inmates carve chair for Pope

Inmates with woodworking skills in Philadelphia have made a carved chair for Pope Francis’ September visit to the penitentiary. Read the story and see the video about their work here: Philly Inmates With Woodworking Skills Make Carved Chair for Pope Francis

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TCC Video: Trappist Caskets a Work of Prayer

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Trappist Caskets The Trappist monks of New Mellary Abbey make their living by crafting simple handmade wooden caskets from the trees on their property. They view each casket as a work of mercy, and offer a Mass in remembrance of each person who has used one. The caskets are affordable and sustainable. Learn more about their life of work and prayer in the short video after the jump:

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