To Nurture Unity, Bring Back the Angelus

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church bells

“For a few moments, after the bells rang, they stopped, put down their tools, stood and prayed.”

Melissa Musick on how most of our problems are not legislative or technological. Read it here: To Nurture Unity, Bring Back the Angelus. Want to be connected to others praying The Angelus? Download the 3D Catholic app.

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The Angelus at Work

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The Angelus

In this piece for America Nathan Schneider writes about Jean-François Millet’s painting The Angelus and what it portrays, people setting aside their work for a noonday prayer. We are more than just workers. We are human beings. Read his piece here: The Angelus at Work. Learn how to pray the traditional Marian prayer, the Angelus after the jump.

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