At El Paso Church People Pray Day and Night For Pope in Mexico

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The parishioners of Sacred Heart church in El Paso, Texas have been praying without ceasing for the Pope’s intentions, and for the success of his pilgrimage in MexicoAt El Paso Church People Pray Day and Night For Pope in Mexico. Watch the video of the Pope in Chiapas after the jump:

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Misc: Baptism, Drought, Water and Heat

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Texas drought

TCC’s own Melissa Musick writes for Celebration about the drought in her home state of Texas and the importance of water in the Catholic Church, “I wonder how our corruption of the earth, how our refusal to obey nature’s laws is being worked out in this time, in this place, on this land.” Read it and see pictures after the jump:

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TCC TV: Friday Night Lights

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romney-friday-night-lights.jpeg-1280x960 TCC’s own, Anna Keating, recommends that you watch all 76 episodes of Friday Night Lights on Netflix. Not only because Friday Night Lights depicts the best marriage ever written for television, but because the show so often gets life in community and in small town America right. Read more after the jump and the full review in America here: Under a Texas Sky

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My Grandparents on Easter

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Our own Melissa Musick writes in Celebration of the hard lives of her grandparents and how they kept Sundays and Easter. “Here they are, my grandparents, faithful this Easter morning, as on every Sunday morning.  Following the risen Christ, and trusting that even Adam-stained ground can bear fruit, they will sing praises.  They will worship. They will give thanks.” Read the entire essay after the jump:

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