Misc: The Pointlessness of Unplugging

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One of our new favorite writers, Casey N. Cep, writes about unplugging for The New Yorker. She quotes Pope Benedict XVI and argues that technology can be used to create community as well as to destroy it. Read the entire piece here: The Pointlessness of Unplugging 

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Misc: Don’t Text While Parenting

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A new study demonstrates that parents distracted by smart phones interact with their children in harmful ways. Kids feel like they must compete with devices for their parent’s attention. Children learn more from what their parents model than what they say and “who wants a generation of people who text each other while sitting at the same table?” Read about it in Time magazine here: Don’t Text While Parenting

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Misc: Don’t Pick Up

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decline/ answer Caeli Wolfson Widger writes for The New York Times Magazine about how it has become standard practice not to answer your phone when it rings, even if you are available.  But what if there is a human with genuine needs on the other end of the line? Read it here: Don’t Pick Up For more on the subject of technology and connection read Jonathan Safran Foer’s article: How Not to Be Alone

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