Why I Can’t Support “The Right to a Peaceful Death” in Colorado

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Anna Keating

“In the future will death always be self-administered?”

TCC’s own Anna Keating writes for America magazine about the practice of physician-assisted suicide coming to Colorado: Why I Can’t Support Physician Assisted Suicide in Colorado

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‘She Loved Life’: A Father & Deacon on His Daughter’s Mental Illness & Suicide

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“Katie was not bipolar — she had an illness called bipolar disorder — Katie herself was a beautiful child of God.” A grieving father’s writes honestly about suicideA Father & Deacon on His Daughter’s Mental Illness & Suicide

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The Affluence Fallacy

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Dances With Wolves

“People in wealthy countries suffer depression by as much as eight times the rate as people in poor countries.”

Why did so many white-settlers defect and join Native American communities, even as no Native Americans wanted to defect to colonial life? David Brooks on the need for communityThe Affluence Fallacy

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TCC Video: Bus Driver Saves Woman From Jumping Off a Bridge

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“I feel like I did what I was supposed to do.”

Buffalo bus driver Darnell Barton stopped his bus to rescue a woman who was threatening to jump from an overpass onto the expressway.  As Pope Francis has said, “This is what Jesus taught: go meet the most needy . . . and after meeting, help . . .We need a culture of encounter.” Watch the video of Mr. Barton reaching out to a stranger in need after the jump:

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