The Importance of Being Catholic: A Protestant View

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“You would have to associate with the most despised of our society.”

When I was younger I used to think a lot about how I needed to change the Church. Now, I think more about how I need the Church to change and challenge me. Read this piece by the Protestant theologian Stanley Hauerwas on: The Importance of Being Catholic: A Protestant View. Did you know, Professor Hauerwas recommends our new book?

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TCC Video: Recapturing Advent

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Advent wreath

In this video about AdventStanley Hauerwas, speaks about how Christians need to learn how to wait in an impatient world. He says, “The Jews are the promised people and we Christians are witnesses to that promise. . .” Watch it after the jump. See my Advent wreath and calendar above. (Send your Advent and Creche photos to: anna@catholiccatalogue.com and I’ll share them on our site.)

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Stanley Hauerwas on Reformation Sunday

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Stanley Hauerwas

The Protestant theologian Stanley Hauerwas reflects on Reformation Sunday, “Reformation names the disunity in which we currently stand. We who remain in the Protestant tradition want to say that Reformation was a success. But when we make Reformation a success, it only ends up killing us.” Read the whole thing in Called to Communion here: Stanley Hauerwas on Reformation Sunday. And watch a video after the jump:

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