TCC Video: Andrew Garfield on Falling in Love With Jesus

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Andrew Garfield and Amy Adams

“I’ve always had a longing because I wasn’t raised with anything.”

To prepare to play a Jesuit priest in Silence Andrew Garfield trained with Fr. James Martin and did The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola (more in our book). America: Andrew Garfield didn’t expect to fall in love with Jesus. Watch the videos after the jump. Thanks for supporting our blog.

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TCC Films: The End of the Tour

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The End of the Tour

As a fan of the late writer (and seeker) David Foster Wallace, I enjoyed the film The End of The Tour, now in theaters. A review of the film in America magazine focuses on the brief appearance of a St. Ignatius of Loyola quote in DFW’s bathroom. Read the piece by Jake Martin here: What’s St. Ignatius Doing in a DFW Movie? Watch the trailer after the jump:

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TCC Reads: The 15 Minute Prayer Solution By Gary Jansen

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Let the Lover of Your Soul Restore It

We’re big fans of Gary Jansen (our editor at Penguin Random House). Jansen has edited books by Pope Francis, Pope Benedict XVI, and Bishop Robert Barron (among others), and he’s an accomplished author. He even edited our book (which is available for pre-order). Jansen has a new book out The 15 Minute Prayer Solution, that we’re excited to read. Learn more from Aleteia here: The 15 Minute Prayer Solution

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Sammy Chong’s Paintings Imagine a 21st Century St. Ignatius

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Sammy Chong, SJ

Sammy Chong, SJ (a member of the Ecuadorian Province of the Jesuits and a professor of art at Boston College) has a new series of paintings which place the life of St. Ignatius Loyola in the 21st century. They’re powerful. See them all here: Sammy Chong’s Paintings Imagine a 21st Century St. Ignatius of Loyola. See more after the jump:

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