Go to Church, Justin Bieber

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candles in spanish church

TCC’s own Anna Keating responds to Justin Bieber’s comments about Christians not needing to go to church. She writes, “I go to Mass week after week, like a drunk goes to AA, because I need to. I don’t usually feel like it, and occasionally I miss, but mostly I keep coming back to get my chip.” Read it in First Things here: Go to Church, Justin Bieber

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Doubt, Spiritual Listlessness, and Why Despite it All, I Am Still a Catholic

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Millennials, we are told, are spiritual but not religious. In this essay Ben LaBadie a grad student at Boston College, writes for TCC about his own struggles with doubt and spiritual listlessness, and describes why, despite it all, he keeps coming to Mass. Read it after the jump:

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TCC Reads: The Strangest Way by Bishop Elect Robert Barron

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Robert Barron

Pope Francis appointed Fr. Robert Barron to be the auxiliary bishop of Los Angeles. Barron’s films, articles, and YouTube videos have made him a leading figure in the New Evangelization. Anna Keating recommends his bookThe Strangest Way: Walking The Christian Path after the jump:

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The Science is in: God is the answer

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Religious Kids

Research shows that children raised with an inclusive spirituality are significantly healthier and happier, especially in their teen years. So why aren’t we all signing up? Read about the science in Maclean’s here: The Science is in: God is the answer

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TCC Radio: Ann Curry on Growing Up Catholic, Falling Away and the Francis Effect

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Ann Curry

In this America magazine podcast, veteran journalist Ann Curry discusses: covering the Church, growing up Catholic, falling away as an adult, and what people like Archbishop Cupich and Pope Francis mean to fallen away Catholics like her. Listen after the jump:

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