TCC Video: Meet the Singing, Anti-Fracking Nuns

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The Sisters of Loretto, who have been tending their crops and living a life of prayer outside Louisville Kentucky since the early 1800s, are leading the fight against fracking and climate change.  Watch the video from Mother Jones after the jump:

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TCC Reads: Waiting for God by Simone Weil

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Simone Weil

Simone Weil was a philosopher, spiritual seeker, and advocate of the poor and oppressed. A believer, she nevertheless felt called to remain outside the Church. Read more about her life from Robert Ellsberg here: Simone Weil, A Gift Person. More after the jump:

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The Anchor: African refugees look to a priest as their savior

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Fr. Zerai

Fr. Zerai, an Eritrean-born Roman Catholic priest, ministers to and helps save African immigrants risking their lives to reach Europe. Read his story in The New Yorker here: The Anchor: African refugees look to an exiled priest as their savior. Photos after the jump:

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