We’re Casual About Sex and Serious About Consent. Is it Working?

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college students

I’m the Coordinator of Catholic Life on a campus where people wear “Consent is Sexy” t-shirts. But how can a student give informed consent to a sex partner they don’t really know? Love is sexy. It’s in The Washington PostWe’re Casual About Sex and Serious About Consent. Is it Working? Anna Keating on disassociating love and sex: Paradise Lost

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TCC Radio: Elizabeth Smart My Faith and ‘My Story’ | NPR

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Elizabeth Smart

Elizabeth Smart-Gilmore is one of our heroes. Abducted from her home at the age of 14 and raped on a daily basis by her captor, she has since become an activist for victimized children. In 2011, Smart founded the Elizabeth Smart Foundation, which aims to support the Internet Crimes Against Children task force and to educate children about violent and sexual crime. She speaks on Tell Me More about her new memoir, how her Mormon faith in a loving God helped her through her captivity, and how she has forgiven her captors. Listen to her story after the jump:

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