Memorial of St. Clare of Assisi

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The painted monasteries romania

The story of St. Francis and St. Clare is a love story, not of a romance between the two of them, but of an enduring love they shared for Christ. Clare was a rich young woman when she heard Francis preach. Her heart was moved and she decided to leave her privileged world for a life of poverty. More from Melissa Musick after the jump:

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TCC Video: A Catholic school teacher’s alter ego & a janitor makes waves

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Jim O'Connor

Calculus students as St. Francis High School in California, discover another side to their math teacher Jim O’Connor. Watch the video and learn about a life-changing high school janitor after the jump:

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Misc: Sisters for Life

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Maryknoll Sisters A piece in The New York Times about the incredible work the Maryknoll Sisters have done all over the world, motivated by their desire to make God’s love visible. “Today the sisters work in two dozen countries, Albania to Zimbabwe, and in the United States as teachers, nurses, social workers and school administrators. They comfort the dying and occasionally infuriate governments. They fight human trafficking, environmental destruction and H.I.V./AIDS.” Read the whole story here: Sisters for Life

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TCC Video: Compassion and Kinship: Fr. Greg Boyle TedTalk

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Fr. Greg Boyle

Fr. Greg Boyle S.J. is one of our heroes.  He runs the largest and most successful gang intervention, re-hab and re-entry program in the United States. In this TEDTalk he asks,

“How do we create and imagine a circle of compassion and then imagine nobody standing outside of that circle?”

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