Not Weird Enough | Anna Keating in KtB

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“This is a book for seekers.”

Anna Keating in Killing the Buddha discussing our new Field Guide, Madonna, and Eucharistic adoration at your local YMCA. Read it here: Not Weird Enough | Anna Keating in KtB. Thanks to Nathan Schneider for the interview!

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Millennial Searchers

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Emily Esfahani Smith and Jennifer L. Aaker write for The New York Times about how members of the millennial generation are less interested in making money and more interested in living meaningful lives, lives that have purpose, value, and a positive impact on others. “By focusing on making a positive difference in the lives of others, rather than on more materialistic markers of success, they are setting themselves up for the meaningful life they yearn to have.” Read the entire story here: Millennial Searchers

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