Not Weird Enough | Anna Keating in KtB

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“This is a book for seekers.”

Anna Keating in Killing the Buddha discussing our new Field Guide, Madonna, and Eucharistic adoration at your local YMCA. Read it here: Not Weird Enough | Anna Keating in KtB. Thanks to Nathan Schneider for the interview!

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TCC Video: Biden talks about His Catholic Faith on the Late Show

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Joe Biden and Stephen Colbert

Vice President Joe Biden talks about his Catholic faith and the death of his son Beau, on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. I watched the funeral Mass for Joe Biden’s son, on CNN and it was very moving. It’s struck me at the time that it’s the same liturgy whether you are someone of very little worldly importance, or the child of the Vice President of The United States. Watch the interview after the jump:

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