Why Is It So Hard to Make a Good Movie About God?

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the film Room

Why is it so hard to make a good movie about the life of Jesus? Melissa Musick suggests it’s because we can’t get directly at God, and so must proceed — as Jesus does — by analogy. She writes, ” Someone this spring will suggest a seasonal viewing of some gore-soaked movie of Christ’s passion.” Read it after the jump:

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TCC Films: Room

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Room the film

“I haven’t seen a movie that made me think about faith in such a powerful, poignant way.”

I’m nervous to see the film Room, because I loved the novel by Emma Donoghue. Her book captured what it feels like to be someone’s mom. And frankly, I have a hard time watching films that depict sexual violence. But Paul Asay calls Room possibly the year’s best movie, and delves into its Christian symbolism over at Patheos. Read it here: This May Be The Year’s Best Movie — And It’s Weirdly Christian. Watch the trailer after the jump:

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