TCC Films: The Sound of Music

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The Sound of Music

If you haven’t seen The Sound of Music since you were a kid, and now you have kids, it’s time to watch it again. If you’re in the mood for a musical, give the original Sound of Music a chance. Read the rest of our recommendation and watch a clip after the jump:

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TCC Films: Goodwill Hunting

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Robin Williams

The actor and comedian Robin Williams died yesterday at the age of 63. He’d been battling depression, and took his own life. Williams was a one of a kind performer, recovering addict, and Episcopalian. In his stand up, he jokingly described being Episcopalian as, “Catholic-light.” May he rest in peace. We recommend his 1997 film Goodwill Hunting. Read Anna Keating’s review and watch the trailer after the jump:

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