TCC Video: The Pope Video: Inter-religious Dialogue

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interfaith leaders hold objects

“We are all children of God.”

Pope Francis is now releasing videos to assist in sharing his monthly prayer intentions with the world. The Holy Father’s prayer intentions always relate to challenges facing humanity. The first is about inter-religious dialogue. Watch it after the jump:

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Harvard’s “Black Mass”

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184b8a292081e79a05251a9f0d8d3598 Harvard students will hold a parody of the Catholic Mass and a “historical re-enactment” of a Satanic ritual on Monday. Harvard’s Catholic chaplain says engaging in the “Black Mass” is “contrary to charity and goodness.” The Cultural Studies Club claims the Satanic ritual is simply a re-enactment. Quran burnings and KKK rallies could be re-enactments as well, but they’re still a mockery of the religious rites, objects and beliefs of others. Catholics have responded with a Holy Hour of prayer. Read more from The National Catholic Register here: Harvard’s Black Mass

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