California Churches Forced to Cover Abortions

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Catholic baptism

“Even those who disagree should be able to respect the conscience rights of those who wish not to be involved.”

Religious freedom has been significantly eroded under President Obama. Churches in California will now be forced to pay for their employees elective abortionsCalifornia Churches Forced to Cover Abortions.

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Colleges Ban Religious Groups

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Christian college students

Colleges are banning Christian student groups because they refuse to comply with campus non-discrimination policies, which would force them to allow non-believers and students of other faiths to lead Bible studies or prayer services. Read more from The New York Times here: Colleges Ban Religious Groups Who Disagree on Bias Policy. More pictures after the jump.

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Holy See Issues Statement on Pope’s Meeting With Kim Davis

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Pope Francis

“Brief meeting . . . should not be considered a form of support of her position.”

The Holy See has issues a statement regarding the brief meeting between Kim Davis and Pope Francis during his visit to the United States. Read it here: Holy See Press Office Issues Statement on Pope’s Meeting With Kim Davis.

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