Examining Paul through the eyes of a classicist

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The Keating family

In U.S. Catholic, Sarah Ruden, puts St. Paul’s teachings into their historical context. “The ancient institution of marriage is a fairly brutal one . . . and it just chews individuals up, especially women . . .” We can credit St. Paul with the idea of love marriage: Examining Paul through the eyes of a classicist. (Above: my family after my second was born.)

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We’re Casual About Sex and Serious About Consent. Is it Working?

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college students

I’m the Coordinator of Catholic Life on a campus where people wear “Consent is Sexy” t-shirts. But how can a student give informed consent to a sex partner they don’t really know? Love is sexy. It’s in The Washington PostWe’re Casual About Sex and Serious About Consent. Is it Working? Anna Keating on disassociating love and sex: Paradise Lost

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TCC Radio: Helping Others After Tragedy & Falling in Love at Mass | The Moth

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In the Wild Kate Baestrup

In this episode of The Moth podcast, Kate Barestrup describes losing someone she loved and how her work as a chaplain is about letting people grieve without whisking their beloved dead away. And Pilar Siman describes falling in love at 11PM Mass. Listen after the jump:

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