TCC Video: Pope Francis’ to Evangelicals and Pentecostals ‘I Yearn for a Communion’

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Pope Francis

Jesus’ prayer at the Last Supper was that Christians might be one, and yet we are terribly divided. In a message to a gathering of American Pentecostals and Evangelicals, Pope Francis says that we are all “brothers” and that for too long “sin” and misunderstanding have divided us. More after the jump:

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Stanley Hauerwas on Reformation Sunday

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Stanley Hauerwas

The Protestant theologian Stanley Hauerwas reflects on Reformation Sunday, “Reformation names the disunity in which we currently stand. We who remain in the Protestant tradition want to say that Reformation was a success. But when we make Reformation a success, it only ends up killing us.” Read the whole thing in Called to Communion here: Stanley Hauerwas on Reformation Sunday. And watch a video after the jump:

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TCC Video: Pope Francis, Yves Congar, True Reform, and Cuba

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Pope Francis in Cuba
In this fascinating interview, the author Austen Ivereigh describes how the theology of Yves Congar influences Pope Francis’s idea of Church reform. Watch it after the jump, and see more photos of Pope Francis’s visit to Cuba:

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TCC Films: A Man for All Seasons

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robert shaw & paul scofield - a man for all seasons 1966

“I die His Majesty’s good servant but God’s first.”

Looking for a movie to watch this weekend? We highly recommend A Man for All Seasons the true story of St. Thomas More. Read Claire Fryqvist’s review and watch the trailer after the jump:

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