TCC Playlist: New South Wales by Jason Isbell

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Jason Isbell

Pope Francis and St. Augustine speak of the Church as a field hospital, a place where the wounded find healing and help. However we make our way to the field hospital during the Year of Mercy, Jason Isbell has written a song to accompany us on the journey. More & a song for New Year’s Day after the jump:

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TCC Films: Sister Helen

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Sister Helen This documentary tells the story of Sister Helen, a tough as nails nun, who lives in and runs a home for men in recovery, in the South Bronx. Helen became a nun after losing her husband and three children to violence and addiction.  She herself is a recovering alcoholic.  She says in the film, “There’s nobody here who’s all pure and holy  . . . I try to do for other peoples’ sons what I couldn’t do for my own.” More and a clip after the jump:

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TCC Radio: This Week | This American Life

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Baby Shower Mary Ellen Bowman tells This American Life host Ira Glass about how she prayed for her daughter to overcome her addiction to heroin and now she’s clean and expecting a baby.

“I finally resorted to praying, I know it sounds crazy . . . but I’m Catholic and God says if you ask me I will be there.”

Listen to her story after the jump:

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