TCC Video: Camp St. Joseph

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St. Joseph river South Bend

My friend Claire Fyrqvist lives in a Catholic Worker community in South Bend, Indiana. She and her friends run a free summer camp for kids. They just walk around their neighborhood with a basketball and invite people to take part. Watch a video and be inspired to get out and love your neighbor, after the jump:

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TCC Playlist: Chance the Rapper’s Gospel-Rap Masterpiece

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Chance the Rapper

“I speak to God in public.”

On his new mixtape, Coloring Book, Chance the Rapper sings praises to God, and the skills of Kanye West.  More from SlateChance the Rapper’s Coloring Book is the First Gospel-Rap Masterpiece. Download the record here. Listen to “Blessings” after the jump:

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TCC Playlist: Lost Ones and Final Hour by Lauryn Hill

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Lauryn Hill

“Wisdom is better than silver and gold.”

After becoming a mother, Lauryn Hill released her solo album (1998). In the lyrics, she wrestles with our society’s limited conception of a good life (power, status, money, etc.) and preaches about finding freedom in love and God. More and the music after the jump:

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TCC Playlist: Hypostatic Union by Shai Linne

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Shai Linne

“Made Uranus, and Venus, became a fetus.”

We know you’ve been looking for an MC who could rap about the mystery of the Incarnation and the Trinity. I bring you the Calvinist-Baptist badass Shai Linne. Listen to him rap, “Fully dvine, fully human, introducing the hypostatic union.” He reminds me of a young Bruce Springsteen, in that he squeezes so many words into a single line and, yet, somehow it works. Listen after the jump:

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TCC Playlist: Sunday Candy by Chance the Rapper feat. Jamila Woods

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“I’m the thesis of her prayers.”

We like Chance the Rapper‘s “Sunday Candy,” with its badass rhymes, biblical illusions, and gospel choir, because it’s a song that communicates the beauty of a rightly ordered sexual relationship. These people dig each other. Yes to love, sex, and marriage. Yes to community and children. Yes to joy. For more read: Eucharistic Sexuality in “Sunday Candy” by Madeleine Lewis. Watch it performed after the jump:

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