Gadsden Finds God

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baptism in jail

A sheriff in Gasden County, Florida, inherited a community caught in a cycle of poverty, violence, and incarceration. He made an unusual decision and allowed churchgoers into the criminal justice system to help turn things around. Read it in The New York Times here: Gadsden Finds God. Read Pope Francis’ message to inmates in Mexico after the jump:

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TCC Radio: Forgiveness | Transom Radio

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Hector Black

“I don’t know how many times I’ve said the Lord’s Prayer . . . and that means forgive.”

Hector Black on his work in the Civil Rights movement, his faith, and his decision to forgive the killer of his adopted daughter Trish. Listen to the story from the Transom podcast after the jump:

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Misc: A World Away, the Seventh Game Close at Hand, Condemned Nazis

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Nuremberg trial

Dan Barry writes in The New York Times about the Protestant minister and Roman Catholic priest who were asked to serve as chaplains to the most nefarious Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg. For them, baseball was a blessed distraction from the horror of their task. Read their difficult story here: A World Away, the Seventh Game Close at Hand, Condemned Nazis

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