TCC Video: How Do Clothes Impact Your Brain?

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Bishop Flores prayed over by inmates

In the photo above Bishop Flores, of Brownsville Texas, is prayed over by inmates while leading a retreat for them. His vestments are green for ordinary time. Have you ever wondered why Catholic priests, religious, and lay people wear distinctive clothing or what it all means? We have the story in our book. Also, how clothing impacts the wearer after the jump:

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Exorcism Trains in ‘Ministry of Love’

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Exorcism Conference

There are very few Roman Catholic priests trained in exorcism. A recent conference in Rome sought to train more to meet the increasing demand for this controversial rite, granted to those who feel themselves to be oppressed by evil, and for whom medical help has been ineffective. Read more from Catholic News Agency here: Exorcism Trains Priests in ‘Ministry of Love’

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