TCC Video: Advent Conspiracy

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Advent Conspiracy

The first Sunday of Advent is tomorrow. Want a more meaningful holiday season? Buy our book. It’s full of ideas like St. Lucy’s day breakfast in bed, Epiphany house blessings, and Kris Kindles. In addition, the folks at Advent Conspiracy are trying to restore the beauty of the season. More & watch the video after the jump:

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TCC Video: Technology Has Hijacked Dinner. Reclaim it.

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smart phones at dinner

Christians have been sharing meals together since the earliest days of the Church. It’s sacred. For, “He was made known to us in the breaking of the bread” (Lk. 24:13-35). Whatever it takes to reclaim dinnertime, without smart phones and other technological distractions, do it. Watch a video about an invention that could help after the jump:

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Clinging to Each other We Survived The Storm | Modern Love

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marriage and storms

A couple survives caring for a terminally ill newborn, but later finds their marriage strained by the demands of ordinary life. Prayers after the jump. Read it here: Clinging to Each other We Survived The Storm.

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