TCC Radio: Lynn Ferguson is pressured to have an abortion | The Moth

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mama and baby

“It became really clear that they wanted to win a battle and I just wanted to see my boy.”

Lynn Ferguson tells her story on The Moth stage about being pressured into prenatal testing that might endanger her son’s life and then being pressured by her doctors to have an abortion. You won’t believe what happens next. Read more & listen after the jump:

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TCC Video: The Big Bang Theory Acknowledges the Humanity of the Unborn

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The Big Bang Thepry
A moment on, The Big Bang Theory is being praised for its acknowledgment of the humanity of a developing child early in pregnancy. Catholics believe in a seamless garment of life. Jesus was an unplanned pregnancy. Expectant parents can hear their baby/embryo’s heart beat by six weeks. Watch the clip after the jump:

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This Couple’s App Helped 10,000 Women Get Pregnant and Can Replace Birth Control Too

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William Sacks and Katherine Bicknell William Sacks and his wife Katherine Bicknell used hormonal birth control for ten years before Katherine got tired of the Pill’s side effects. Read more after the jump and learn about the app they created, Kindara, that can help couples conceive or avoid pregnancy naturally.

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TCC Playlist: To Zion by Lauryn Hill

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On her debut solo album, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” Hill rapped and sang about becoming pregnant at the age of 24 when she was still with the multi-platinum hip hop group the Fugees, and being pressured to have an abortion. Read more, listen to the song “To Zion” and see a picture of Lauryn pregnant with her sixth child after the jump:

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Alexandra Kimball, a pro-choice writer, who describes feminism as her “religion,” finds relief from her grief after a miscarriage when a Catholic priest gives her permission to mourn the preterm baby she lost. Read it from The Globe and Mail here: Unpregnant. For another take read: Why I Confessed My Abortion 25 Years Later.

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