Prayers for a Culture of Life and Peace

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St. Telemachus by Ade Bethune

We recommend the drawing “St. Telemachus Peacemaker” by Ade Bethune. Another video has been released showing the sale and destruction of fetal body parts #AnotherBoy. And another unarmed black man has been fatally shot by a police officer, this time in Cincinnati #BlackLivesMatter. Prayers for a culture of life and peace below:

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Misc: Praying for the Dead, for Peace, and for Our Persecutors

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Fr. James Martin writes in America magazine that we should pray for everyone impacted by the Boston Marathon bombings, including the perpetrators, because Jesus said, “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”.

“[Some] Christians dismiss this part of the Gospel.  But if as a Christian you say this, then you must admit that you are saying  . . . that Jesus, who was himself the victim of a violent and unjust death, and who nonetheless forgave his executioners from the cross, didn’t have the moral stature to ask us to do this hard thing.”

Read the whole article here: Praying for the Dead, for Peace, and for Our Persecutors

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