TCC Playlist: Where the Streets Have No Name by U2

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Paul David Hewson, better known as Bono, the lead singer of U2, was raised in Ireland by a Catholic mother and a Protestant father. He’s a believer and one of the world’s best known philanthropists. Learn more about his faith and his 1987 hit  “Where the Streets Have No Name” after the jump:

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TCC Playlist: See You in the Eucharist by Danielle Rose

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Danielle Rose

For the Feast of Corpus Christi, a day of worldwide Eucharistic Adoration, we recommend the Danielle Rose track “See You in the Eucharist” where she sings, “I will hold you, I will receive you, I will see you, in the Eucharist.” More about Danielle Rose and the song after the jump:

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Prayer for Coptic Christians: To Mary, the Light of Hope by JPII

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Coptic church burned

The Islamic State has beheaded 21 Coptic (Egyptian) Christians. Pope Francis has denounced the killings. Read his remarks from Vatican News here: A Witness That Cries Out. A prayer for peace, to Mary the Light of Hope by Pope St. John Paul II after the jump:

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TCC Video: 8 Revolutionary Achievements of Pope John XXIII

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Pope John XXIII

Today is the feast of Pope John XXIII . He is remembered as a man of peace and goodwill who convened the 2nd Vatican Council. Watch a short video about some of the achievements of Pope John, aka The Good Pope, from Rome Reports after the jump:

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