The Lies Behind A Lurid Sex Abuse Case

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Jesus Wept
Newsweek reports about the false accusations of sex-abuse that sent three Catholic priests to jail in Philadelphia, and made their accuser a multi-millionaire. The same journalist who wrote about the false rape accusations at UVA for Rolling Stone, broke the accuser’s now discredited story. Sensitive readers be warned: Catholic Guilt? The Lies Behind A Lurid Sex Abuse Case

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TCC Playlist: Streets of Philadelphia by Bruce Springsteen

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Bruce Springsteen

Pope Francis is now in Philadelphia for the World Meeting of Families. Listen to Bruce Springsteen sing “Streets of Philadelphia” from the film Philadelphia about a man suffering from AIDS. Bruce Springsteen was raised Catholic and credits Flannery O’Connor as an influence. Listen and see the video after the jump:

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Challenge Us, Pope Francis

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Pope mural

“Papal rhetoric, is equal opportunity when it comes to discomfort. What if we were all to listen?”

John Cavadini, professor of theology at Notre Dame and director of The Institute for Church Life writes in The New York Post about Pope Francis’s visit to AmericaChallenge Us, Pope Francis

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