TCC Playlist: Humble and Kind by Lorrie McKenna

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Lori Mckenna

“Go to church ’cause your mama said to.”

Lorrie McKenna has been writing hit songs for country artists like Faith Hill and Tim McGraw since the ’90s. A married mother of five children who lives in the town she grew up in, McKenna is now recording her own songs. Love this site? Subscribe. Listen to the song she wrote for her kids after the jump:

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Marry the Person Who Will Help You to The Bathroom

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It’s not the superficial things that matter most in a spouse. Marry the person who will do the dishes, make you laugh, and help you to the bathroom after you’ve had a C-section. Read more from The Washington Post here: Marry the Person Who Will Help You to The Bathroom

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Married Couple First In Modern Times to Become Saints

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relics of Louis and Zelie Martin

Louis and Zelie Martin, the parents of St. Therese of Liseux, have become the first married couple to be canonized jointly. Marriage and parenthood are difficult. Sts. Zelie and Louis, pray for us. More from The Chicago Tribune here: Married Couple First In Modern Times to Become Saints. (Above: pilgrims venerate their relics.) More after the jump.

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TCC Radio: Coming to Term

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unplanned pregnancy

Rebecca Nesson tells her story about new motherhood on The Moth podcast. Struggling as a first time mom, she was depressed and considering a divorce, when an unintended second pregnancy helped her turn her life and her marriage around. Listen here: Coming to Term 

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Feast of the Assumption

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pieta Today we celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven. On this feast day and Holy Day of Obligation read Melissa Musick’s meditation, originally published in Celebration, on how Mary cared for God (and others) and how tradition has it that God in turn cared for Mary:

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