Top Ten Novels About Priests

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Read Michael Arditti’s picks for the best novels featuring priests, from spiritual quests to social comedies. We recommend The Power and the GloryThe Brothers Karamazovand Mariette in Ecstasy. Which ones are your favorites? Read the entire list in The Gaurdian here: Top Ten Novels About Priests

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TCC Reads: Catholic Book Groups

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There are few things we love more than books, but book groups can be tricky. People want to read different things and lots of adult faith formation groups choose books that don’t challenge or inspire. So we were thrilled when a friend of The Catalogue, Mary Ann Wilson, came up with a list of 50 books (with summaries) that would be great for a Catholic book group or for individual reading. See the full list and pictures after the jump.  Discovered something new on The Catholic Catalogue? We haven’t received any new donations since Advent! Please support our work with a small donation today. Thanks!

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